Are you crafty - brimming with craft ideas to keep the little ones amused? Or are you clue-less - scrabbling around for ideas - any ideas - on what to keep their little hands busy with next?! Post in here!
By Coolshades
O.K so it's school hols and the kids are driving you nuts! One way I found that wasn't too expensive was to give the kids say $2-$5 each and take them to a $2 shop/Reject shop and say buy some items for crafts and see what you can make, also have a look around home and you might find some old containers, boxes, tissue boxes that you can use. It's amazing when you give them a little control what their minds will come up with. My kids love it because it's their ideas and Look what I've created Mummy!
By freshfoodmumma
Just thought I'd share some cheap craft activities we've done lately.

We've made some rockets out of cereal boxes and inserts from alfoil and cling wrap, along with paint and alfoil. I've just used the cheap coles alfoil for craft.

We're making a Spring mural and one of the things from the EYLF sites I use had a craft idea where you paint the flower stem then use the bottom of a softdrink bottle dipped in paint then stamped on to make the flower.

We've cut out some felt shapes and made a life cycle poster using brightly coloured felt, which you can get cheap in a pack from Crazy Clarks. They might need help with some of the drawings, and young children of course need to be supervised in this.

We've also done glitter art. Using a bottle of PVA glue, gently squeeze to release a small stream that you can draw pictures with, my daughter does stars and love hearts, then sprinkle glitter onto the glue and shake off the excess. Lie it flat to avoid any running of the glue and distortion of the picture.

An old favourite is the drawings where you colour a sheet of A4 cardboard with different colour crayons, then cover with black crayon and scratch out a picture using a toothpick or chopstick or similar.

Just a couple of ideas, hope I haven't taken over your thread in a bad way :oops:
By freshfoodmumma
Playdough, cookie cutters and rolling pins create hours of imaginative fun, and you can add toothpicks, paddlepop sticks, or even toy animals and trees to make it even more fun. Part of the fun and learning is in making it, which works out very cheap if you are able to use cheap flour.