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By Little Dove
Ok so parental allienation is to be scrapped as of June - brilliant, dont know how it happened just glad it did.
SO, what are peoples thoughts could we start the ball rolling with a petition to stop over nights for children under 8 and set an age at which a child can say what they want say 12 or 13?

I am not advocating a move towards shutting dads out of kids lives ! Just that kids have a right to feel they have a home and are not a bit of furniture to be handed around. They have a right to feel secure, build a network of friends, know where there things are but most of all to be heard.

Yes i know all the men will say well i will be the primary carer but lets get down to raw basics. If you take a cub from a lion what happens ? She attacks to protect her young. She is not a bad lion it is just biology, mums are programmed to raise and care for the young, men are programmed to hunt and gather. What the family court is doing is trying to change biology and in the end they will cause enourmous damage to the young ones of Australia.
By panda1
absolutley count me in, my poor kids and they are only young, have just spent the weekend with the x, but because monday was a public holiday he got to keep them that day / evening as well to before school on tuesday morning, i now have to pick my baby up from school, bring the child home from school and literally hand the poor kid back to their dad for another night. that is 5nights in total for 2 kids aged under 6.

even my child's school has said that this is crazy, and totally unfair on children so young. yes i do my x to be a part of my kids lives but not like this, it is to hard on them
By TeDecc
Coming from someone who doesn't receive child support, even know the whereabouts my son's father, tries desperately to stay in contact with my ex's family (they don't know where he is) who live in a different state and visit at least once a year so that my son can have full sense of origin not just half of one, who grew up not knowing her father because he died at a very young age and who's mother never kept in contact with his family or even has a photo, LIMITING KIDS ACCESS FROM A FATHER WHO GENUINELY LOVES THEM AND WHO WANTS TO BE IN THEIR LIVES SEEMS PREPOSTEROUS. Analogically referring women to a vicious creature like a lioness makes me feel there are more than this one issue going on and there are other animals in nature who are far more sophisticated and who prove that co-operation can be more beneficial. When you think about it, why else would humanity be trying for thousands of years to get it right? I am sure individual circumstances would warrant different outcomes but a petition like this would have no validity on a wide scale; this is why a court system is in place. Not everyone is going to happy with their outcome but would you rather live in countries where mother's have no rights to their children?
By 2tired

Although I underrstand what you are expressing, many children are sufferring with having to go to dads overnight (sometimes many nights) and I am not speaking of the cases where both parents get along and both have positive, healthy relationships with children (as generally speaking these are not the one going into court rooms as the parents discuss and come to arrangements in the genuine best intrest of children themselves). I am talking of the children (and their mums) who have escaped abusive relationships, my son and daughter were 6 and 7 when dad wanted them for the first time in their lives- he went from seeing them for 20 minutes approximately once a month to demanding them 50% of the time to stop us from relocating 2 hours away (and to hinder my new relationship).

I wont go into detail about how my children suffered(feel free to look up some of my previous posts though, and that of some of the other mums whose only desire is to create a happy and healthy life for their kiddies) but I will say count your blessings that your ex cant be found, and isnt causing your son any pain or stress over that caused by his absence.

I didnt mean this to sound so cold or condascending and although I know that a petition such as this one will most likely do little to Nil I would still happily sign it.
By ruthie
I'm the mother of the "I will never forgive...." submission to the Family Law (family violence and others measures) 2011 Bill. Part of a parental arrangement that cooperated with over nights, travel etc. We were wrong. We were very wrong. I support this activism and I think it goes to the heart of attitude changes that are needed in the community and between parents. There are things we need to insist upon from our children, this kind of existence is not one of them.
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