Children on the Autism Spectrum - they make us laugh, they make us cry - and we love 'em to pieces!
Being a single mum with an autistic child presents challenges normal support doesn't even touch on. Share your experiences, ideas - or even just vent if you need to, in here!
By ab000
Hi. I'm a mother of three, living in Perth WA, and I wanted to jump on here because I don't really have anyone to talk to about this stuff. My husband left after ten years of marriage - and I just found out that he moved straight in with the skank he cheated on me with. I just found out because he's exposed my children to it. I was so mad I could have put a brick through their window, but I didn't. Much prefer the slow-burn-revenge approach.

What I've discovered though is a massive lack of places to go for people in my situation. Gave everything to a marriage that died, and now find myself alone and somewhat lonely. All I really want is to meet up with someone or someones for coffee and a chat. Make some friends with people who might be in the same situation. I can't be the only one.

I also have a son who is autistic, and was wondering if anyone had any clues to groups that meet up about that. Contacted my LAC, but there doesn't seem to be anything where you can go and meet with people to actually talk face to face. Lots of counselling and respite care, but nothing to just go and unload once a week or so. If anyone has any ideas, or is looking to get together, let me know.

Also, finally (I promise), does anyone have any clues about how to make a 5 year-old stop talking? It's the only way I know my son is asleep.
By Mum22
Hello ab000,
my sympathies for your situation. you have your hands full by the sound of it.
As to the 5 yr old, well, my boy is 6 now, he talks in his sleep too!
I guess, the best comfort is to think that it could be worse if they were not able to communicate verbally at all, small comfort I know, but it does get a bit better, with age, and patience, infinite patience I might add!
By ab000
My autistic son is non-verbal. Think the younger one is trying to fill in the space! ;)
By mumof3boys
Hello ab000,
I sympathise with you. I am on my own with 3 boys and my second son is Autistic and has an intellectual disability and my youngest son is currently being assessed for Autism. Both also have ADHD. Unfortunately I am not in WA, I am in Victoria, but like you I would also like to find somewhere I could go to talk to other mothers in a similar situation. I have found some useful support groups on Facebook where I can go and vent but it's not the same as face to face so I still feel alone and lonely much of the time.
You've made a great start by coming here and hopefully you will find some other mums in a similar situation to yourself in Perth, best of luck :)
By mum2lj
I am originally from Perth but have lived in Melbourne for 10 years now. I also have an autistic son who is 4.5 years old but he's high functioning so he has good speech now. I am about to do some seminars through the ABIA (Autism Behavioural Intervention Assoc) so I'm hoping to meet some other mum's for support who have autistic children. Maybe there's something similar in Perth? Do you get funding for your son from FACSHIA? There are Play Connect playgroups for kids on the spectrum. I assume there's something like that in Perth. Your could post in the Raising Children's Network forums as there's a specific forum for parents of children with an ASD.

I really feel for you .... it's very stressful being a single parent and adding behavioural issues and autism to the mix makes it even more challenging. Does your ex help out/have the kids?