Children on the Autism Spectrum - they make us laugh, they make us cry - and we love 'em to pieces!
Being a single mum with an autistic child presents challenges normal support doesn't even touch on. Share your experiences, ideas - or even just vent if you need to, in here!
By Mummy Moderator
Hi guys - we have been getting so many mums with autistic kids, I thought we should have a special forum to make it easier for mums to find - hope everyone is okay with that!
By ab000
The boys go to their father for a few hours on a Sunday, but that's not really any use to anyone. Don't even have time to go and watch a movie or anything. Thing that really bothers me though is whenever he doesn't show up because he's 'sick' or something, the boys get mad at me. Like it's my fault their father would rather pretend they don't exist.
By hunnyluv
I have 2 daughters- one has a muscle condition - so not autism but I do have some idea how it feels dealing with things- that others dont understand AND on your own.
I am not in Perth either- but I was part of a group which is set up in Williamstown - a regular support group- the mother who runs this now has a daughter with autism- she is also single....
Anyway pm me and I will share the link to the page- not the same as face to face but at least its a start. Perhaps you can start a group in Perth? I think when you dont have friends- start a group!
By Sam1234
all so long ago. I am in the same situation.

love to catch up with other single mums with a kid on the spectrum to chat ... im in the inner west of melbourne