Children on the Autism Spectrum - they make us laugh, they make us cry - and we love 'em to pieces!
Being a single mum with an autistic child presents challenges normal support doesn't even touch on. Share your experiences, ideas - or even just vent if you need to, in here!
Autism Awareness have a brilliant site if you are worried your child may have, or diagnosed with a condition being somewhere on the Austism spectrum. There are noises in the current government that look to be asking for only partial roll out and funding cuts to NDIS as the program that would assist the primary carers and the child through life. SO autism awareness have links to a fairly comprehensive survey to be completed and procesed in October to take to the government to back the claims NDIS is needed right from prediagnosis right through to adulthood and beyond if required for ASD kids.

Please, they need as many of the surveys completed as possible,