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By Chill82
I was married for 13 years & have 5 children.
I was recently made aware that I had other options. I was brought up to "stick it out", but my other half was subtly manipulative & some times if I stood up for too long he would get verbally abusive & occasionally physical. For a long time I thought I had no where to go, no where to turn. Don't get me wrong, I have a great family My Mum & Dad are always giving us stuff & I have 5 other siblings, but I was afraid that if told my family some of what was happening my brothers would go & beat him up.... Which they probably would have done... Then earlier this year I told my sister about some of the verbal abuse & she came & took me to her place for the weekend to think about what I should do for the future. I gave my other half an ultimatum, prove to me in the next 3 months that you can change or it's over. He didn't last 3 months before calling me names for not paying attentions to him when he wanted it (although he would ignore the rest of the time). My beautiful sister came & stayed with me for 3 nights while he moved out. Well he moved a minimum of his stuff (waiting until he gets his own place/3 months post separation so I can tell him the rest of the stuff has to go)
Now I'm going through so many mixed emotions, I hate the fact that I still love this guy who has hurt me so much. I want our kids to have a good relationship with both parents & it's hard. I have to give up the weekends where I used to take the kids out to visit friends & relatives, just so they can see him, but he can't have them overnight where he is staying so I don't get a single night off unless I let him stay at my house & I go somewhere else. But I can't stand having him stay here either, I come home & things are moved & feel all wrong...
Anyway that's enough of a vent from me (for now), If you made it through reading all that I salute you!