Is your childs Dad missing from their life? Perhaps your child's Father left when you got pregnant, or decided to withdraw from your childs life later? Or it's been necessary to distance yourself from the father? Maybe your child was a sperm donation baby? This forum is for absentee Dad parenting issues - whatever they may be!
By Mir27
I am new to this. Im a single my with a 4 year old daughter. When my daughter was 2 weeks old her father turned around and said he wanted nothing to do with her. Last year her father made contact and spoke to her a couple of times on the phone and he told her he was going to come see her she was so excited waited everyday near the door. He called up every week for about a month talking on the phone but a month later he never turned up never answered my calls. Still this day she still ask for him and tells everyone her dad lives a long way and it hard to see her but the thing was i never told her that.
I just wanted to ask is there any point going to court? if he does call me again and asking to see her i just want him to have only supervised custody after what he done i don't trust him if he does this again it just really upset her that her dad never came to see her. I tried to do the right thing by her to know and see her father but i don't want it to mess her around with her head.
By User224
Hello Mir27, I understand your situation - I have a similar one. It is difficult to make recommendations on your situation when I am sure there is so much more involved. Is the father lodging an application to court? If not, you can have some parenting and financial orders made up in the hope that he will sign them and lodge with court. You may want to consider asking for sole parental responsibility (ie: you get to make the decisions on the wellbeing of your daughter). if you want to have supervised contact, then make arrangements and put your name on the list at a subsidised centre like CatholicCare or Interrelate. Does he pay child support and are you registered to receive child support? Besides all of this and regardless of whether you are going to court, it is really important that you record dates, time and particulars of all interactions. The longer the documented history you have on the situation the stronger your case will be if you end up in court.
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Thanks for replying back. I just don't know where to start? I will try call legal aid and ask them a few question about the situation. I have got calls and text records when he spoke to my daughter telling her he will see her and has never turned up. But thats all i have he hasn't seen her since she was 2 weeks old.