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By busy tired and angry
I have to wonder where, when and why females were branded ‘the weaker sex’! All the single mothers I meet have to cope with a vast array of adversity and they are the strongest people I know. Most have to hold down a full time job just to make ends meet and to make matters worse, females in general, get a lower rate of pay (something we should all be outraged over). Overtime is tricky as child care closes at 6pm and is extremely expensive. If we are lucky we can rely on family and friends to babysit, but if this is a constant request it can stretch relationships. ‘Go back to school and study’ some might say. The sounds good, but not many can survive finically, study and look after a family, I’ve tried and it’s really tough.

We have to ensure we divide our time evenly between work, family and God forbid a social life. Just going out for dinner can become a major juggling act and at times is just not worth it. When your children become a teenager you become the taxi. Weekends are spent driving children to sporting activities, parties, friends, etc. I often listen to married couples dividing up their time to help each other out and am a little jealous. Although I swore I would never live with some one again, maybe I should ‘re-partner’ just to make my life easier. Two wages, two people to help with children.

If our ex-husbands/partners are not violent or nasty they are usually telling us how we could be doing things better or how bad we are as mothers. The media are always portraying single mothers as dead bets who just want welfare or have 6 children to 6 different fathers. They never interview the fathers of these children……why is that? And just maybe if our wages were on par with males, we might not need welfare.

We manage to raise children, work, look after elderly parents, deal with the day to day chores of running a house like washing, cooking, ironing, pay bills, shopping, etc, volunteer, drive everyone around and so much more yet we are the weaker sex! Go figure!

When the going gets tough, men run away. It’s the women who stay, pick up the pieces and go through all the hard times and with children in tow. My mum once told me that the women in our lives will be there when you need them most, and she was right. Women are the stronger sex and we all need to start acknowledging it in ourselves and letting other people know just how strong we are. We need to be proud of ourselves and our achievements. We are not perfect and we make mistakes but we are the only ones who care enough to get the job done. And if you get an opportunity to assert women rights either by writing a letter or protesting then you need to do it. Conditions for single mothers will never change unless we assert ourselves and let the government know of our plight.

And most importantly, when you are feeling down, feeling like you can’t go on anymore, remember, no male could do what we do and for as long as we have to do it. We are the stronger sex and don’t ever forget it!
By mumof2boys
What a fantastic post. I have been sending off emails to everyone I can think off because of the changes to parenting payment that was announced in the so called 'battlers budget'

Making single parents families poorer is a disgusting move. We already struggle emotionally so why make it harder financially?

One in three single parents only recieve $7.50 a week in child support, why is that ok?

If given half the chance our children could just grow up to be wonderful hardworking well ajusted adults. Making them grow up living way under the poverty line wont help.

I work on call as a cleaner and I am finding it very hard to find work as I am not able to work night or weekends ( I have two children)

I fear for the future of single parent families it looks like the governments war on welfare has us in their sights.