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By Wanttobeamummy
Hi there,
I am thinking of becoming a mother next year through artificial insemination. :D

I suffer from re-occurring depression and I take a mild anti depressant to manage this. The doctor has told me that it is safe to take during pregnancy but may cause my newborn to be restless when first born. However, I want my baby to be the healthiest it can possibly be. Do you think that taking the risk of a restless baby is worth staying on the medication or should I seek different treatment and risk depression? :?:

I understand that medications and pregnancy can be a touchy subject, but I would really like to hear any opinions.
By lilmama
There are certain medications you can take that are completely safe to take whilst you're pregnant. If you're concerned about the current medication you're on affecting your baby, perhaps you can discuss an alternative with your Doctor. Especially when it comes to anti-depressants, there are heaps out there so I'm sure there are pregnancy safe ones :)
By Wanttobeamummy
Thanks Lilmamma,
after speaking to my doctor she has recommended I stay on my current anti depressants (Lovan for any one else in the same position), as the risks are minimal and unproven. I am still worried as I would prefer to be chemical free to give my baby the best start I can, but I suppose in the end, a healthy mummy helps to have a healthy baby.

Anyone else have any experience with these kind of things?

By cuddlefish
when I was a new mama, I got the point when I was not doing very well- anxiety mostly. My psychologist pretty well gave me an ultimatum- get well or go on drugs (major tranq's). I didn't want my baby receiving these drugs through my breastmilk so I chose to get well drug free.

If you plan to birth through the medical model/ hospital system, your chances of a drug-free birth are fairly low anyway, so I would think a mild anti-depressant would be a drop in the ocean compared to birth drugs.

If you plan to have a midwife, then she will be able to give you advice re:natural remedies and non-drug therapies.

I recommend doing a google search for information from the drug manufacturer as well as forums to get an idea about this specific drug. Often GP's know very little and have not kept up to date with latest research.

Compromises are a main theme of single motherhood I have discovered. You just need to find the path that you feel is the best and go for it. At the end of the day, your baby's safety is your responsibility. Whatever you choose is right for you.