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By honig
Hi All,

I have what may appear to be a fairly obvious question but I'm concerned. I am utterly and absolutely exhausted. I have a 16 year old and a 10 month old baby, baby is breastfed still quite a lot, and waking anywhere from 1 to 4 times a night but on average twice. When he is teething it can take him a while to settle at night and may not be asleep until 9pm. I have been to the doctors and had tests for iron, thyroid etc all came back fine. The thing is, normally I am a very energetic person I frequent the gym 4 times a week plus walking and working and normally I cannot tolerate sitting for long durations (lots of energy). But now I spend hours sitting and either watching TV or on the computer, my body is exhausted I get to gym but not as intensively and my standard uniform at home is tracksuit pants, I haven't even the energy to care about my appearance and my body and joints ache. I'm not depressed I'm just in a state of exhaustion that I have never experienced before and never had with my first baby. I know I am going through court issues, DV issues and financial issues plus going it alone with two children but surely to god it cannot cause this.

Is this normal? Can anyone recommend anything?
By Angels3
hi honig, If you ask me it's normal. I have three children and I am aching with exhaustion everyday.Breast feeding a baby takes alot of energy too so make sure you are eating well. Plus the emotional energy to support your children and then do battle in the courts takes alot of energy. Make sure you drink lots of water and be gentle on yourself. Good luck and take care.
By honig
Thanks Taddros,

I guess when I had my other child I didn't have any other children, nor ex and court issues. I'm going to try the Michelle Bridges 'How to lose the last 5kg program' hopefully some sensible eating and exercise will boast my energy levels. Other than that I'm going to go pop myself into an asylum to get some much needed R&R.. ohh and I'm giving away a teenager today, if anyone is interested? LOL
By Angels3
It is a shame that there is no respite for us single mothers as we certainly need it. Thanks for the offer of your teenager but I have two and that is PLENTY.and yes exercise does boost energy levels. I've just started back walking after 18 months of nothing. Cheers.