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By honig
Good Grief.. I was really hoping I was lacking some sort of mineral or vitamin for a simple solution :D
By Mum22
Well, could be that too, worth going to your GP and asking for a full blood count, iron, folate, minerals etc, blood sugar maybe? I was in my 20's with my first, mid 30's with my 2nd, and now in my 40's, so life is just taking its toll I think! My firend is younget than me and has grandkids already! but then she gets to hand them back!!!!
By honig
OMG Grandparents at this age.. lordy no... Dr seems to agree that I'm just exhausted, I guess having a baby later in life as well as a teenager takes it's toll. It'd be a lot easier if all the court issues were out of the way and things ran smoothly but such is life. Ive changed my exercise routine, adjusted my snacking and seem to be improving. Yep, where is our respite!