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By tealady
Its nearly 2 years since the ex and I decided to separate. And then the kid turned 8 and then of course, I am on new start. I just feel like its all so pointless. I can't get anywhere. If I earn a bit more the government takes more. And i get too tired. I'm on anti depressant, cos I guess I have depression! I have been seeing a new bloke, which is great. But he doesn't want to be "married" to anyone again. And I don't want to be a dependent to anyone again. I just wish I could plan a life for me and my son. Instead of just limping from week to week. I can't do anything to change my situation! Or earn more than the minimum wage. Unless of course I put a light up out the front. Just slit my wrists now.
By TigerLilly
Yes it is very hard to get ontop of things, especially financially ... I like to think that life is 100 times better now simply because my ex husband is not living in the same house as me and I can parent the children (now 14 and 11) the way I want... money is hard, I went back to uni but I had a little safety net and have good family support but paid work is sporadic and casual. That might not be the case for you... maybe study/tafe/community college course might give you some self confidence???? I often think having a new partner is too much to handle as not only are you stressed about life you are also stressed about the new partner, so maybe trying to keep that relationship satisfyingly casual might help, not putting to much pressure on the whole remarrying thing ... just trying to get in touch with the person you are now, a mother to your child, a friend to your friends etc not a person who can't see a way forward ... you might need to talk truthfully to a friend/family member/counsellor/women's group about the way you feel
By tealady
Oh yes! Must remember that I don't have to be with HIM anymore. And yes! Am trying to just focus on the here and now with the new man. It really is so nice to have real intimacy after nearly 10 years of facade marriage. You know, we can set up a camp site without talking. We just automatically grab the other end of things, and work together so easily. Back in that marriage I thought I was going nuts.

Started to feel like I was going nuts now too. Bloody poop, b(*^$ s*^$ b(&%#! Yes focus on the job at hand. being Mum!

I still wish that it wasn't so much like swimming up stream. Why does it feel like centerlink is making it harder not easier? :roll: I just need to know that someone is actually fighting to change things. Rather than us all just coping with it.
By TigerLilly
you sounded much better in that last post!!! I once heard a woman say that all of her married friends say that she should be happy because she has her children and doesnt have to 'take care' of the other child (a husband) and that she can watch what movies she wants, eats when and what she wants etc and yes whilst all of that is true, it is a unfair to think that just because a woman is a single parent that she doesnt, like everyone else, want (and deserve) a loving, equal relationship and to be able to erect a tent without a screaming fight!!!! (I so get that!) wanting a loving relationship is normal.... as for centrelink, they are meant to make life hard because even though they provide one of the best welfare safety nets in the world, they quickly forget the saying 'there by the grace of god go I' (Im not religious, its just a really good saying!) it means, what happens to me, could so easily happen to you!! so perhaps a little compassion and empathy might be a better way to deal with single parents ... keep on being a great mum, there is nothing wrong with feeling depressed from time to time, dont forget to talk to people :)