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By lovethyself
yesterday i had a great day with the boys, they played and listened, i managed to crochet a pair of slippers for my eldest son and even grab a shower whilst they playing contently..

today though, is crap, i have been in tears most of the day, they are ignoring me, i ask them for the simplest thing and i get a "no" then they run and scream, they are really demanding, "i want NOW". i dont think so, they can wait for me..

i have tried to call my counsellor, my intake officer for support , my mum and a girlfriend and no one has answered...
i have been in a daze all day with a hovering headache, i have cleaned yet again, this time with a garbage bag, the boys dont put thier toys away i throw them away, im over it..

my brother is coming ove to watch one of them whilst i do the groceries, but he wont watch the both of them, so i have to take the one that is a handful with me.. great...

i have thoguht about doing my shopping online, but omg, it will take me all day and to pay 13 to get it delivered when im a block away from teh store is a bit rediculous...

im trying to take it easy, im breathing, and eating lots of chocolate and drinking lots of tea, not good i know but im doing it anyway...

i feel alone, i feel lost... another one of those days, i havent had a day like this in quite some time....
By Angels3
A big hug to you lovethyself you are doing well. It's damn hard work just stick to your word and make them wait and do your best. Be gentle on yourself and don't feel bad. Maybe make your calls again. On days like you're having one hopes that they are worn out and go to bed early to let you recover. Sorry I can't do too much or be there but my thoughts are with you. Here's another big HUG from me.Thinking of you!!!!
By lovethyself
thankyou, my brother managed to come around and watch both the boys for me for an hour so i could do the groceries, i was walking around the store in a daze, i had a headache and felt like i was going to pass out.. i got myself an oj and just stood there and drank it slowly whilst closing my eyes and taking deep breaths..
when i got back my brother stayed for another hour so i could put the shopping away and have a cuppa. ive still got my headache and i still feel a tad sick, but the kids are settled under blankets watching the tv...

i dont know why it got so bad for me today, i dont normally break down like this and to not have anyone return my calls just amazes me.. am i supposed to suck it up and do this on my own.
its when this happens that i get it stuck in my head that i "cant rely on anyone" ....

i feel its changing me, i dont consider myself to be a marter, but i feel myself turning into one.. my body is telling me i cant cope, but peoples actions are forcing me to feel and think otherwise...
By concernedmum
Parenting is hard enough with 2 parents but with one is so much harder!! Try to keep your chin up! I've been through hell & back in the last 3 years, but my kids are older so it's easier to deal with them in one way, though my son is going off the rails so harder in other ways.
Is there an online chat site anyone knows of, because I know so many people that need help! I'm lucky I have friends in similar situations so we can call eachother when we need help, but some people don't have that! If anyone knows of one let us know :) Maybe I should start one! Maybe a FB chat site?
Anyway please hold on as many others out there would love to help :))
By lovethyself
this is my second time at being a single mum, my older boys were older when their father left, even though it took me a couple of years to get ontop of things then, this time round the kids are much younger, i have more issues and they have conditions.. my 5yo raised his fist to me because i said "no" to desert, it was bed time, so after i got them in bed and put them back again i was talking to my 6yo and he raised his head and gave me a fat lip, i started to cry adn walked out the room and he was devestated, he was saying "sorry mummy, sorry mummy" how bad did i feel, i went in and gave him a cuddle and said that mummy knows it was an accident, i gave him a cuddle adn told him tht i was sad, i was sad all day, and that it makes me sad when him and his brother dont listen to me and i dont like being sad.. i said i needed his help... he stopped crying and nodded, then he snuggled his teddies and went to sleep.. i gave my 5yo a cuddle and told him the same story i told my older son..
im exhausted, i dont know what to do anymore