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By simonedd
I would have to agree that counselling has its limitations. It’s understandable that you feel your worse when you’re at home, your guard is down. You’re a mum and a good one, so when you are out and about you find that strength and keep it together, believe me we all do it.

A girlfriend of mine is a primary school teacher and mother and she struggled like we all do from time to time especially when her kids where younger. She told me once that she used up all her patience with her kids at school and had nothing left for her own when she got home. Understandably she had her work hat on combined with the fact people where watching her at work lol. but seriously what was most important was her duty of care to the kids she was teaching. The problem was she was forgetting about the duty of care to herself so that her children could enjoy the great person she is. she had to live in the present and appreciate and love the experience of being a mum. I really think we focus too much on our past emotions, hurt, anger etc. and the future what if’s and forget about what’s happing right now, we need to stop and smell the roses so to speak.

Did anyone ever tell you when you first become a mother with a new born child, ‘Happy mum, happy baby’ well same rule applies to us all now, whatever the age of our kids are if we are calm with minimal anger, worry and negative thinking our kids will be to. Yeah I know easier said than done, it’s not easy and may take you weeks/months even years to get it half right but anything has to be better than feeling like you do right now.

I hope you find what I have to say of some use and that I haven't come across to bossy or in your face, I just wish you well because I have been where you are.

Stay strong …
By lovethyself
i can see you understand exactly what i am saying and where i am at.. i hate this feeling, i feel false at times, its not fair on my boys to have a mum that has these emotional highs and lows..

my 6yo has a lot going on at the moment, he is coming off meds which is making him, in one hand, easier to manage but on another hand so flamin hard. he has a violent streak, he gets to a point where he is either so excited or tired or just hyped up and dosnt listen to a word i say, like yesterday with the fair, picking a fight with a friend, yes i handled the situtation, but i could feel so many eyes on me whilst i was doing it, then laying in bed last night it took me so long and so much energy NOT to think about the altercation, i got quite worked up about it.. i felt it was another situation i was put in, and even though the kids have forgotten about it, its now myself and the other kids mother that have to face eachother daily...

i know i do my best, i know they are in the best hands possible, i cant do much more than i am doing but i hate this feeling that is inside of me, yes i want that magic pill to make it go away, but it dosnt exist.....