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By lovethyself
what can i say?
here we go again.. another one of those days where i dont feel like doing anything, i dont have the energy to do anything, i sit here and surf the net not really looking for anything, and ofcourse nothing jumps out at me..

it is wonderful to finally have the kids at school, but in the quietness the brain goes everywhere, i walk from room to room, say to myself "yep thats gotta be done, yep that to" then i sigh and leave it...

im heading to the school early to help with preperations for our school fair on the weekend, which is good as it gets me out the house and actually involved in doing something..

just the thought of having to pick myself up for when the kids come home is draining on the brain, i cant show them im in a down mood yet again. they are to young to understand that mum is flat....

ho hum another day in paradise... :cry:
By SaffaMa
Have you spoken to your doctor about this? It might be fatigue or something. I would recommend seeing a dr or contacting a help service like Lifeline or beyondblue. I'm not sure of the full details but speaking to someone professional might help you.

Hope you feel better soon.