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By lovethyself
i have got so much going on lately that it is hard to stay positive and focus. im finding its hard to breath, my heart has a heaviness to it and im holding back the tears, yet again.

i fell like i am constantly being ignored by my kids, you tell them to do something and they just walk away, they dont even acknowlege you.. i feel like just putting my hands up in the air and walking away.. but what sort of a mother would i be if i did that, its not their fault they have a mother the state she is, well not entirely their fault, the more discapline i try and hand out the harder it gets, the aggression from my 6yo is unbearable, i know in another year things will be better, but i feel its time for the world to stop and let me catch up. i want to be happy again, i want to love my kids the way they deserve, i want out quality time to be full of happy memories rather than mum yelling and them screaming...
i have help coming from organisations, but it isnt happenign fast enough, i feel like im on a roller coaster that is constantly taking nose dives, i dont have a chance to catch my breath before im down there again..
when will it end??????
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By Forum Administrator
From one of our Facebook mums who can't login:

I hear you !! I feel the same way, constantly, but thank goodness for a great GP!! I know how hard it is, I feel the same way about kids, have even put myself to bed/ timeout, as they don't listen. I feel powerless, lonely and a complete failure, when others seem to be blossoming!! I personally don't think they deserve it, I work hard and generally I care. But as time goes in I understand why some women walk away, problem is - no one to take the kids!! So here we are, but you are not alone !! Send me a private message mentioning you are on here and can add you to chat ? If you want, I am in Brisbane. Stay strong as you can be, I here too for you. Just on the mobile at the moment, not the computer. Sending hugs xxxxxx

By lovethyself
thankyou for your words,
i am going to see my dr again, i havent had a review of my meds in 4yrs, probably time i should ....
today i had lots on but i still feel flat, empty, i am there for the boys, i love them, we snuggle, and laugh, but i still feel empty and flat, i feel false and i dont want them to grow up with the false feeling, hopefully they arent picking up on it to much...
By SaffaMa
As my hero Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela "After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb."

I too have a six year old boy, and unfortunately it's not going to get better, it will probably get a bit worse as they build up an increase in testosterone.

I ended up on stress leave for three weeks from work from a combination of trying to be superwoman and doing everything. I didn't put myself first. Ultimately you are human, not just a mother. How often do you get time to yourself? It may be something that is needed. I really can sympathise with you, as I have felt the same, but I also believe that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

Keep on weathering the storm!