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By lovethyself
hi ladies,
things are still pretty full on, i saw my dr and increased my meds, i dont feel as down and i feel a little more focused..
my boys are still full on, im trying not to yell as i hate it and that is when ww4 errupts...

time for me hmmmm... nope dont really get any apart from when they are at school, im slowly making friends but havent had that coffee yet...

my brother cant handle the boys, so he prefers not to watch them, and i prefer not to ask...
By SaffaMa
I know it's easy for others to say you must do this or that -- believe me I get it all the time. So I do hope that you can find someone to assist you with some me time. You could look into programs run by Police and Youth Club (well there in NSW) not sure what state you're in. I've been fortunate to develop a good support network, especially as my family are in a different city, who do help me out. And it does make a difference, only if it is for a couple of hours once in a blue moon.

I hope the meds help soon, and you can overcome this.
By lovethyself
thanks saffama, my councellor is looking into programs for me to help with ME time...
i think the boys need a male though, they love my brother and everytime a male comes to the house to fix something they talk their ear off...

i just wish they would settle down so life could be relatively stress free, well as much as can be when your a single mum