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By Sydney
Hi ladies, I've been separated for 12mths. I picked up the "application for divorce" last week .......but can't seem to bring myself to start filling it in. Just feeling Like this is it....my WHOLE life is over, finished.....I mean after all wasn't this what I wanted.....to finally end my verbally abusive, unhappy , loveless marriage?.......so then why? Do I feel the way I do? I so wanted to grow old with my husband.......but here I find myself at 47 years of age a single mum with a 7 year old son. :cry:
By Mum22
Sydney, my heart goes out to you. Of course you are sad, this is the ending of something that SHOULD'VE been wonderful and long lasting, but instead it turned out different for you. Allow your self time and space to grieve, even though you may have been the one to end the relationship, you are still going to feel the loss of it too. Be kind to your self, and allow time for healing. You have a 7 yr old child who needs you, and I hope you can draw strength in the knowledge that you have a most wonderful gift from your marriage, your child.
You life will improve, your focus will return, and I am certain you will find direction in your life. We each have our own time to reach these milestones, you will get there. (((hugs))).
By Angels3
Hi Sydney what you are feeling is very normal. We all felt that loss, that failure.We all wanted a family that succeeded but we obviously made the wrong choices and failed. I even broke down when I went into court to finish the divorce yet I was married to the most horrible angry controlling man who treated me like rubbish. It's ok to feel like that. Life moves on. Be gentle on yourself. Sending you strength and love.