Feeling depressed & need another mums shoulder to cry on? Maybe you're feeling depressed about something (or everything!). Lighten your emotional load in here!
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By happymummynurse
am feeling so depressed, its a struggle just to do the daily things, feeling so fed up. i dont know what to anymore, i yell at the kids, we are all miserable. im so lonely and everyone just tells me to just get up and keep going, ur so strong why are you acting like this. i stay in bed at any opportunity i get, i only go to work so we all can eat. i hate myslef and what im doing to these kids. its not life for them. just got to keep up the happy social face i guess and hope it all gets better in time.
By TanyaR
Iam sorry you are feeling this way and i am sure a lot of other mums would agree with me that its only natural for you to go through moments like this. You need to find that inner strength inside to keep you going for you and the kids why - cause if you dont you will get sick and who will look after the kids - that is the realisation of being a mum - we need to look after No 1 so we can look after the kids.

I have gone through this times over and over but then when my daughter went through depression at the age of 8-9 it really broke my heart it made me realise they go through the pain too without us necessarily knowing.

I have recently had a major operation and struggling with recovery all my daughter has done was panic and hate seeing me in pain but i re-assure her it will get better.

The other thing i learnt the kids are very clever they pick up when we are down, sad or uptight and play on that so we have to try and stay up beat for their sake.

I am truly sorry you are going through this hard time and really hope things pick up for you all soon.

You have my time when you need to talk - Just a msg away :)
By femalefiles
Hi happymummynurse, it really pains me to hear you so depressed. But am also inspired that you say 'hope it gets better in time'. It can and will!

How long have you been feeling this way? If it's just a tough day, well yes, we've all had days that bring us too our knees! Raising kids on our own can test every cell of our mind, body and spirit! But if you have been feeling this way for some time, then it really is time do something for YOU.

Our lives are so focused on our kids and yes we need to be strong for them, but being 'strong'on the outside is not enough. You know it's not, because when we 'keep it together' for the sake of the kids over a long period of time, each bad day can turn our worlds upside down and becomes so much harder to rebuild.

When I was in my 'dark era', I went to my GP. He knew I was strong (you sound it too), and he gave me a referral to a therapist - 10 free sessions (per year) the government provide for a 'mental health plan'. I'd never heard of this before, I can tell you, it saved my life. What I really needed was some strategies to help me cope better. It took all of these sessions, and I'm so glad I spewed forth everything I was holding inside (therapist probably needs a therapist now ha!). Anyhoo she gave me coping skills that I practice to this day. I'm forever grateful to my GP for not taking the easy road and 'numbing' me with drugs. In my case, talking it out was the best result. Maybe you can try this for you?

We don't have to live with depression, there is help. Please find a way to get your empowering beautiful amazing mum strength back, for your kids, but most importantly, for you.
Have no doubt, you ARE amazing, you're raising kids on your own!!
Sending cyber hugs
By Angels3
Hey happymummynurse. I hear you and agree with you totally. A life as a mum alone is tough. I have had ongoing counselling for 2 1/2 years which has allowed me to survive my isolated life with three kids.It's great to have a neutral person to talk to and to let it all out. We all struggle on so be kind to yourself and LOOK AFTER YOU. DO SOMETHING FOR YOU. That's always the mistake of us single mums we forget about ourselves.Hugs and strength to you.