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By freshfoodmumma
I had all sorts of fun stuff planned for today, but woke up sick with a cold and just want to stay on the couch with a box of tissues and not move. I made some nice breaky but couldn't eat anything myself because of being sick, sucky when we have such beautiful weather at the moment perfect for being outside. So after breakfast my daughter wanted to play outside, and the kids from next door came over. It quickly turned nasty, with the kids having a go at her because they have lots of fathers to celebrate with and she doesn't even have one. The mum next door has 11 kids with 8 different men, all of them have been nice men, and all of them get along with all the kids, it really works well for them. But the kids have used to be nasty to my poor daughter, who can't even do fun stuff with her mum today :(

I wish my father lived closer, even if we don't like each other much it would be nice to have him here for a coffee at the very least. As it is, he lives in a totally different state, a long way from us, and is too busy with his family (wife and her 4 adult offspring) to even talk on the phone to me or DD. So my poor girl has been in tears for a lot of today over what the kids have said. She's having lunch now, and has craft to do today which should help her feel better, but I really feel bad that we can't go out and do anything nice. I can barely stand up without feeling like I'm about to faint, so no doing anything much.

I hope everyone is coping ok today, and the kiddies are coping better than my poor girl.
By TanyaR
Big Hugs to you and your daughter :( I am sorry that you are unwell and hope that cold moves away from you very soon and i know how heartbreaking it would be when your daughter is amongst other kids that are having fun with their dad. I had to drive to drop off my daughter last nite and pick her up tonite but its so hard as her dad never acknowledges me and i always dread having to take her there but i did a good deed which was give her some $ to buy him a few gifts from school to make her happy - my dad is interstate with the family so will call later.

One wish i have is that the ex will stop making me feel so little and hurt and just behave i know it will never change so i have to hold it together when i have to drive her there - so i am hurting in a different way.

Hang in there and enjoy your afternoon as best you can :)
By mothersday
Anyone can be a Father...it takes a REAL MAN to be a Daddy.

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies!

I miss my dad :-(