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By Mum22
TanyaR, I found the best way to stop my ex from verbally abusing me over the phone was to hang up on him. I was so so frightened the first time I did it, but the next time he called I just told him really politely that I would NOT be spoken to that way. He told me he didn't think it was abusive and anyway how could he know if it was abusive, so I told him "You'll know, cos I will hang up on you!" LOL, he got really polite after that!
By TanyaR
Half your luck Mum22 :)

My ex husband refuses to talk on the ph and he is the one that yells and screams and hangs up and the recent ex doesnt know any kind but swear words and never dared to hang up as i hear about it - he swore that he has written me out of his life and i had no problem deleating his number - its sad when it happens this way but i am sick of the abuse in so many ways and funny i have dropped one horrible ex and still stuck with ex husband but as i said he wont communicate with me so its sort of good sort of bad as you never know what he is up to.

I am telling myself it is ok now and trying not to feel frightened - see what happens next - quiet for now it should hopefully stay that way - tks for your support - i have been walked over all my life :( and always too frightened to speak up - mind you i did to my ex husb as enough was enough but with the threats of the recent ex i was living in fear with his threats :((( he still says he will destroy me if i mention anything - why men have to talk and make threats this way i will never understand!!!
By Angels3
I have a court order that states that my ex can only contact me via email. The best thing I ever did. The judge granted it easily and now I do not have to put up with even hearing his voice. I am stress free and at peace. I had years of text and phone abuse and now no more.
By TanyaR
Thanks Angels3 - my recent ex he has major issues and likes to blame it all on me - not going to court with him - just ignoring him altogether as best i can - he is just trying to hurt me - but i am learning to be stronger than that. As for my ex husband - i never really talk to him and he will be back in front of the judge if he makes more trouble - i was just really hurt and upset about the threats and telling myself it will be ok.

Had a breakdown after work today and nearly had an accident driving home :( lucky i have ABS for the car - just burnt out and pressure again at work after 3 days of being back at work which is a high pressure job doing charity work - cant keep it up - last 2 years but now realised its too much stress - so i just hope i can last a bit longer in this job to get money back up to surivive - fingers and toes crossed!!