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By niccarol
I am in such a confused place right now. Sure Im having counselling to help with this new situation in my life, but ths doesn't know exactly where Im coming from because my counsellor is happily married. But Im constantly being told he is 'thinking' about it.....whatever that means, its been 2 months, and its been hell. He wont talk to me about things, Ive told him Im not waiting forever. But the major reason for this breakdown is his interfering family, but you know there is no way I can prove that, without looking paranoid. I have people in his side of the family, that back me up, but dont want to be named. arghhh crazy.

Does single motherhood ever get easier? I just cannot imagine getting past feeling this miserable. :cry:
By Thayet
Whilst I am sure 2 months has seemed like an eternity for you, in the scheme of things it isn't very long and things can take time to improve, sometimes even years. It is an endurance test rather than a race to the finish. Learning how to "dance in the rain" is helpful... I am going through a ridiculously tough time at the moment myself and I try to find things to laugh about otherwise life would be unbearable. It helps if you can balance out all the pain with laughter. Surrounding yourself friends and family helps.

Counsellors are trained in helping you with your problems- despite having never personally experienced those problems themselves. It is easy to think "they have never been through the situation so how would they know?" But that doesn't mean they can't help. But if you find that it isn't working with your counsellor, go find someone else. You might find a psychologist works better for you than a counsellor.

As for your situation, without realling knowing anything about it, I would suggest at least don't let people walk all over you. Don't buy into other people's games- try to remain mature even in the face of others behaving poorly.

Good luck with everything and I hope things improve for you soon :)