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By Tenderbear
Whenever I am having an awesome week or something, my ex does something to trash my happiness. Today, I saw him walking around as happy as larry spending money freely, where here i am trying to find the money to buy chritmas prezzies. When will i be able to let this all wash over me without the pain and hate lingering?
By Miami5
I'd be interested in this too..5 yrs on and I'm still wondering. My ex constantly fights me on the csa amount always wanting to pay less and never paying on time. It's always 3-4 weeks late saying he can't afford the amount, but then flies here there and everywhere. Is always in new name brand clothes.buys our daughter things constantly but she's never allowed to bring them home. He's always taking her out for meals when I can't even afford maccas.... he thinks I use the money for luxury....what luxury???? Tm
By Mum22
let it go Ladies...it is like the dual world where the have's and have-nots live in total disbelief of each others reality...
It wouldn't matter how little they paid, they'd still complain it was too much of "their' money to fork out (even though it is for their kid!)
And it would not matter how little you receive by way of CS payments, it is still essential for bare minimum living costs.
You must work though your feelings on this issue so that you can manage on what you DO have, and be proud of how much you acheive despite the lack of support from you child's other parent.

If you have energy to burn on this one, fight for the common good of all kids receiving less than adequate support from their other parents, but don't let the stress of one man hurt you to often.

Besides, when you raise your kids and love them, they know in their hearts who is the nicest one in their lives...:)
By Tenderbear
My ex only has to pay $30 a month and i still have not seen it. He spends it on grog. I don't drink and spend anything on myself, yet i am lucky to have $2 to my name at the end of the week. I will have to sell my computer soon so I can buy my kids prensents. Why do men think they can get away with this?
Just because they have one dosn't mean they have to be one.