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By Puchilin
I know I have posted about this before, and maybe it is normal to feel this way or not, my two little ones were with their father on Sunday he also had his mum and dad down, he had work on Monday and I expected him as agreed that he would drop the little ones off at childcare before work, instead he got his parents to drop them off so they could sleep a little longer, I then had also agreed for him to pick the up on Monday after his work since he would finish at 400pm and drop them off at childcare on Tuesday before work, he ends up dropping them off at a much later hour, this mind you is all via SMS because he does not talk............so I put my foot down also via SMS and send him a text saying that from now on I will do all the dropping off and picking up to avoid all this confusion and inconsistent times, he also lets them go to bed much later like 10 or who knows how late to go to bed, with me it is at 830pm, so I pick them up yesterday from childcare and it starts where is daddy, then every 10 mins I want daddy, my 3 year old is overtired and in tears, I am already struggling and fearful with going back to work after a close to three months break having no clue of what to expect......... I do not have the luxury of a father a mother to support me.......when I break,
THis morning of course again my three year old is in tears on the way to childcare she keeps on saying daddy daddy, I drop her off in tears.........my two year old is just copying her sister but dealing with it all much better,
In any case I got into my car and bowled my eyes out, I felt like a horrible mother........it just was too much for me, I know they get spoilt with their father and I can't give them all of that.........sorry I feel like I cant go on, my self confidence is in pieces, what is wrong with me??? why is this all happening, I just feel completely alone, I also had to let me best friend go on Sunday, after she verbally abused me for no reason, How much more grief am I meant to handle, I do not even know if I want to go to work anymore, what is the point,,,,,,,,,, sorry.....
I mean he my defacto is the one who put me and my eldest she is 14 now through horrible verbal abuse for over a year (mind you infront of other people he is passive would not hurt a fly)now I get abused via text f this f that.....
Sorry am having a hard time,I love my kids to pieces and it just hurts when they hurt....
By ruthie
not sure what to say, but ((((((((puchilin)))))) do hang in there, your girls need you
By solobychoice
Anglicare have free "contact mediation counselling" for spilt couples. the sessions are all about managing the contact with each parent and the changeover times. There are two counsellors. The focus is "do right by the children, put your own hassles (the two adults) to the side, and focus on the kid's needs".

Don't know which state you are in, hope you can access this where you are, your situation would benefit from this.

Kids need stability and routine, YOU get that, ex does not. Hearing it from a third party, sometimes has more of an impact. Good luck, it IS upsetting to see your kids upset, esp when it's avoidable (if ex put them first).
By concernedmum
Please hang in there...remember no matter how bad it gets, sooner or later it HAS to get better!!!
Have you thought of seeing if there are any support groups where you are?
So many people on here have been in similar situations & cried & cried & felt alone. I wish we could do some kind of area meetups, or at least same area contacts so people could message each other for help, advice, or even just to vent, talk or feel like they're not alone!
Keep your chin up :))
By Puchilin
I am in NSW Sydney, tried googling single mothers support group but amd having problems finding any, In any case for now I put down the law well my law, I drop and pick them up from childcare during the week, and he did not respond straight away but agreed I think he is someone who cant express his feelings or have a conversation or any form of arguement hence our relationship did not work out, I felt I could not lean on him for support for anything and like I said when we were living together he was not lifting a single finger to help out with the little ones and we were both working...then the abuse started too and it all became unmanageable for me to the point I did not want to go home to my own home. He himself admitted no point of doing counselling, mediating etc he would not talk anyways, so I engaged a private mediator and basically helped draw up the parental agreement..........