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By wench7
lately i have coped very well with everything i have been through.... but now i feel soo tired and run down... i keep getting sick and i am now constantly worried about my bubs... shes been so sick this year already, had surgery in april, now needs more... she has sleep apnea which means i dont sleep well due to keeping an eaar out for her at all times... shes getting so tired from not being able to breath properly... her naps have gone from 1 hour length to 3 hours... and its not like shes doing that much either...

i just want things to get better for my little family... it just seems to be one thing after another... its very frustrating
By shizle
I know am little late to this.. but thought I would drop by and tell you that no matter what you are going through aat the moment it will be in one way or another ok. You baby has doctors and nurses and a hell of a mother who by the sounds of it will go through hell and high water to make sure her baby or child is ok.
There is propably no advice that I can give other then llook after yourself first. Ask for help where you need it and if not from friends and neighbours ask from the health nurse or who ever else might listen and be on your side. If you do not look after yourself then who will? and who will be there to do what u do if you do not look after yourself.
You sound like a great mother and it sounds like you are making sure ur baby is ok .. I can tell you from experience that as hard as it seems now.. one day you will look back and be amazed at the job you are doing... It will be ok
By Mum22
Hang in there W7, You've had a rotten time of it this year, and it sounds as though there is more to come. My son did not sleep thro the night until he was 4 1/2 years old due to health issues, and I know that sleep deprivation is a serious issue to deal with.
Does you daughter have a child's CPAP machine or other devise to assist her? If she doesn't, is that something you can ask your doctor about - anything that might make a difference for you child so that YOU can get some quality sleep? Is there a respite service that might allow you a few hours of alone time to rest? friends perhaps that might offer to help? Evevn check out a local church group for willing (suitably qualified) people who may be able to help you.
On a good day, can you pre-prepare meals to have on hand for a bad day - so that you can have food ready without to much fussing about. With sleep depravation, a good diet is essential to at least keep the nutrient intake levels up, for when you do not have the energy to cook full meals.
I hear your frustation, just keep believing that things will get better.