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The Yummy Mummy Syndrome

PostPosted:Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:01 am
by Jacintha
Hi Mums! I'm hoping to complete my Master in Clinical Psychology this year...its been a long 4 years of studying part-time, working full-time and being the best Mum I can be to my 5 year old daughter & 3 year old son.

I've got to hand in my research project this year & it didn't take me long to work out what I wanted to see, I've long struggled with my own body image and the pressures to be like some of the 'Yummy Mummies' that I see at my kids' school/kindy/playground etc...There is recent research that suggests that eating disorders and struggles with body image occur not only in adolescents and young women but occurs in women of all ages. One group of women that might be particularly at risk for decreases in body image are mothers, as our bodies go through immense changes during pregnancy and the postpartum period. This is an important study which will help illuminate the importance of understanding the unique pressures postpartum women may face and provide an argument for educating women about the physical, emotional and psychological changes that can occur during the postpartum period.

To participate, you have to be over 18, be a first-time or experienced mother and reside in Australia. Please click on the link below for further information about my research and access to the online survey. I think its an important study because mothers get 'forgotten' sometimes and your participation will hopefully contribute to changes within the mental health field.

If you know of others mothers that may like to participate, please pass the link on...Your time and effort will be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance