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Hi! My name is Jennifer Podesta
I am a PhD student at University of Melbourne and the Brotherhood of St Laurence and my research and thesis are looking at the impacts of the recent welfare changes in Australia on single mums and especially their kids. I myself was a single a mum and know full well how tough it is to raise kids alone and I believe that my research will help inform policy makers on the real impacts of their decisions on the lives of families.
I would very much appreciate any help you can give me in getting this out to as many mums as possible who may be willing to share their stories with me. I am especially interested in in speaking with families in Melbourne and regional and rural Victoria but will certainly go further afield if there are mums willing to help me out. When people come forward to have their voices heard by researchers and policy makers it is possible to effect change and I hope that my work can contribute to this. All research will be conducted confidentially and anonymously.
I can be contacted by email at or by phone or text 0n 0414402558. Thank you in anticipation of your help.