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I am currently undertaking the honours program in the Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Queensland. As part of my coursework I am required to write an honours thesis and I have decided that I would like to research the transition to parenthood for first time parents. My study involves asking parents who are expecting their first child, which parenting behaviours they feel they would like to receive further information about and to the extent they currently feel confident in their ability to perform these behaviours. Participants will also be asked to complete parenting measures to assess whether these theoretical constructs are linked to participant characteristics. Participation is entirely voluntary and anonymous. The study itself has been approved by the UQ Ethical Review Process (clearance number:13-PSYCH-4-109_JS).

Information gained from this study is intended to help the development of a positive parenting program for first time parents. Ultimately responses will help to assist the development of this program and to assist first time parents during their transition to parenthood.

If you are at least 20 weeks pregnant with your first child and would like to participate, please follow the following link -

Thank you