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Hi parents!

I'm a medical student at the University of New South Wales, working in association with Neuroscience Research Australia, and under the supervision of Dr. Julie Brown. The study I'm working on takes a look at child injury and how to prevent it from ever happening. Note that we have received ethics clearance to work on this study.

As most of you already know, injury is the number one cause of death and morbidity amongst Australian children. What we aim to do, is develop and validate tool that is able to predict a child's likelihood of injury by looking at their personality traits. In doing so, we can identify the children who are most at risk, and then take steps towards keeping them safe.

We need parents who have children aged between 18 months and 7 years of age to complete an anonymous online survey that should take under 30 minutes.

To find further information, please visit the following link:

If you have any questions about the study, feel free to email me at

If you could have a go at the survey or share it around with any other parents who fit our requirements, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

A lot of childhood injury, neglect, and death could be avoided by not allowing fathers who are violent scumbags any access to children whatsoever.

I've looked at your survey and it turns turns a blind eye to any deliberate neglect or abuse of a child by a parent. The questions about injury and abuse by a parent aren't there which will skew your results and lead to some very dubious conclusions.

This survey is akin to asking what the biggest health risks were to jews in Europe during the 1930's and 1940's and excluding questions that would expose nazi concentration camps as a factor in jewish health.

Maybe have a look at the personality traits of the fathers (and a minority of mothers) rather than the child when looking at childhood injury. Interesting that bias already seems to be built in to this survey in that the 'reason' behind injury and death of children is already assumed to be the childs 'fault' by attributing it to the child's personality.

Also, anyone who responds to this survey can have their surveys subpeonad by a court and a vindictive abusive ex - fact. Confidentiality is non existant in the Australian court system.