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By Manel
Hi there parents,

How would you like to take part in interesting research on school readiness???

In 2013 the Australia curriculum was changed to improve the quality and equity of learning across the country. The change sees that the curriculum being taught in year 1 in previous years is now be implemented into the curriculum taught in pre-primary.

This study is a thesis topic conducted by 4th year psychology students at Curtin University in Perth, and we are interested in looking at the factors that may impact parent's perceptions of their child's readiness for school. So if you are a parent of a child that is in pre-primary as of January 2013, then please click on the link below and complete the questionnaire.

NOTE: You must be over 18 and a parent of a child in pre-primary as January 2013 to complete this survey

Also if you know of anyone that has children in pre primary please forward this message to them this would be a great help to our research. Thanks