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By Mama22

Just need a bit of inspiration right now. I'm looking for full-time work, and I have the sole care of both of my children.

Just wondering if anyone else is in this position and doing this, because I'm very nervous about it all. I am a bit afraid that I won't even get any work once they know I'm a sole parent, and then I'm afraid of how manageable this is? If I can hear other stories of women doing it, I will feel as though it is definitely something achievable.

Thank you.
By Mum22
I work full-time & have 2 kids. one is FT the other is mostly FT, but I pay for everything anyway & life is more stressful when he is away at the other parents.
IF you are fortunate enough to get FT work, you WILL manage your situation. It may be a bit tough at first, and the kids may grumble & be tired and the Child care fees ( if applicable) may want you to quit but you can do this.

Make sure that you weigh up the benefits & disadvantages - one time I was offered a job but it was not financially worth getting out of bed for!
These days, the balance is about right & that is life in general - trying to keep the balance right for your family.

I wish you well in your job search!