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By RagnVald
If a parent has established a 'meaningful relationship' with their child(ren) and has taken an active part in their emotional, psychological, and social development prior to the separation, the the children will want to continue their relationship with that parent and will not need to be forced by Courts or the resident parent, into spending time with the non-resident parent as they often are currently.
Children's wishes and feelings in these matters should be given far more respect, credence and importance in determining how much of their time they may wish to spend with each parent, rather than their being arbitrarily `Shared' between parents as though they were mere objects or `chattels' owned by parents.
`Adultism' is rife in such decision-making and is a far more common form of bigotry and discrimination than racism or sexism.
`Shared Parenting' is thereby classic adultism and abusive of children's rights to effectively participate in decisions concerning their lives and futures.