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By LenaJ
Hi there,
I am moving from a small town to Brisbane for uni and to find work. I am unsure where I should locate myself with my 6 year old son, Brisbane is sooooo big :D . At the moment I am interested in New Farm or Tenneriffe and would love to hear how other moms in that area enjoy their time in those suburbs. What is the rental market like, the feel of community , the public primary school and what do others mums get up to in the week and/or weekend. Are there many child activities, is it a family friendly neighbourhood and are there many things to do outdoors (my boy is a very active little person :D )? Also I would love to hear what the transition was like for other single mums moving to a big city without friends or family near by.

Hi Lena, I went the other way, form a big city to the country! I am interested in what you are going to study - if you would like to share? I got myself through a Uni degree wile my son was 3-7, it was an effort but SO rewarding! best of luck with it all, Sorry I can't assist with Brisbane suburbs, though I think New Farm State school is very nice :)
I did my bachelor in psychology and am now going to do my graduate diploma in psych. I studied via distance when my son was 3 and I had just separated from my now ex. I found studying via distance really isolating. My family lives overseas and even though I do have friends here and am working too , I miss interacting with a tribe that shares a similar passion. I have always loved studying and interacting with peers prior to my distance uni degree. So I hope that I will enjoy being with a peer group on campus and being able to chat about the course etc. in person rather than via email. I also hope that being in a city will provide me with more employment opportunities and arts and cultural options. What did you study?