Look or post in here to meet up with fellow single mums or start up a support group in or near the inner Sydney City area!
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By HeyGG

I am really interested in getting a support/social group started.

The other post interested me too, we could help each other with babysitting when one needs a little breathing space, and ofcourse have fun together with people who understand what its like being a single parent.

I would love to meet anyone who's interested for a picnic or BBQ at a park in our area. I'm fairly new to the area so not sure of a good place. Suggestions? Also a date - the weekend of the 18th/19th. I'm keen to meet before the end of the year so we can start and organise the good times, fresh for 2011.

Let's get the ball rolling and enjoy each others company :)

Private Messsage me or reply to my post and I'l PM you with my number so we can all meet up!! :)

Hope to hear from you all
By Finaleternity
I am in Leichhardt and would love to catch up ...
can't really do before feb next year as I am in plaster till then but keep me posted and hopefully will get to one soon
By Rockinitsolo
I'd be interested for the 19th most likely! I'm inner west area too. I've also started a social group over on meetup.com called the Mamas and Papas but not just for single parents but for anyone...
By cagedbird
hi all
i'm a single mum in leichhardt
am really interested in hooking up for a bbq or play date
my kids ar 2 and 3 and half.
look forward to hearing from any single mums etc.
specially over and during x-mass hols and. new years period.

By ggp
Hi all and thank you for the forum,

I would like to join a social group. I live in the Eastern Suburbs and would like to talk to other single parents.

Also I would like to know for any ideas of what to do on New year.

Thanks for any ideas.