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By unimama4
im a single mum of two little boys. i only just met a guy we are new and taking it really slow but we kinda had too much to drink... etc etc anyway so that was a week ago and normally i would say 'theres no way i would know yet' but ive had two kids and both times i knew about a week before i should have and tested positive up to 4 days before my due date.

im really tight down there and i cant feel my cervix. a couple times ive just out of the blue felt like what i wanted to eat has changed. thing is im still breastfeeding my 19 month old, and hes on all the time and surly i couldnt get preg first time not using anything and while im Breast feeding?

please offer advice im going insane!

By Finaleternity
Yes you can get pregnant the first time, I did... one night drunken wonder made me a mummy...
Take a test, find out for sure,... and that will tell you either way ... xoxo good luck
By Finaleternity
Not insane at all.. I was 2 weeks pregnant when I went to the dr.... and it was so early I was told I was not pregnant because the test did not change in the allotted time, it took an extra few minutes and then I got a call from the Dr after leavign with the news.

Go with your gut.. the worst that could happen is that you are wrong.

Good luck