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By mscrabapple
Hi Ktroo,

I am also pregnant (now 21 weeks) and doing it alone in Sydney...
(well technically I'm married to a foreign citizen, but have left that country now... long story).

How many weeks are you now? Doing it alone is difficult. Just went to an information at local hospital/birth centre and it was filled with "happy couples"...

If you want to meet up for a coffee sometime and have a chat, more than happy to (I am in inner west), PM me.
By mumof3b
Ktroo, if this guy is scary and vengefull then a phone call and four words - "I've lost the baby" could be the solution. If the guy is a scumbag who you'd pay money not to have anything to do with than it may avoid decades of crap for you. Follow the conversation up with "I've been seeing someone for a while now" (in case he ever hears you have a child) and "f#@ck off and never contact me again". Again, a phone call - NOT an email.

Of course this would only work if you don't move in the same social circles. I would recommend the above course of action to anyone with a psycopathic/violent/criminal ex.

When it comes to naming the father for the birth certificate just say you were pissed and barely remember what your one-night stand looked like.

There are many many mothers who have paid tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees trying to protect their children from scumbags who (in addition to abusing their children) pay no child support and have the continual persecution/control/punishment of the mother as their main source of entertainment.

DON'T become one of those mothers if you can help it.
By courtesy
Hi there, I'm single and pregnant and normally live in Sydney but am interstate with family to have the baby, I should be back there in the new year and would love to catch up if you guys do :) My de facto ex and I split just before I realised I was pregnant with my second child.

I would really look into whether he can keep you in Australia because if he does get residency and can, then I too would head back to England to have the child, if you know you can return. If I didn't have a child already with my ex I would move to the UK now to have this child there just so I could have some space - when you're pregnant you can go wherever you want, once you've had the child, it's hard. Although your situation might be different given he's Dutch. I like the idea of pretending you lost it :)
By smashly
Hi Girls!

What a great post to stumble apon! You sound like just what I need right now :)
I had my daughter in September and my partner and I, who had been on again off again all through the pregnancy, broke up for good when she was 4 weeks.

I have lots of friends with babies, but I'd love some support from other single mums with babys, or soon to be mums :)

I'm going to send you some private messages anyway :) be great to get to know you all better.