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Wow what a brave woman you are. I had a my daughter 2.5 years ago & whilst I wasn't raped, her father is less than reliable & I left him at 4 months pregnant. So I do know what it is like to do it on your own, despite having a supportive family. I know if you are here on a permanent residency you can get assistance from centrelink, I am pretty sure the only thing you cant get assistance for is to study but in every other way you will be treated as an Australian within our welfare system. I know this as my brothers sons mother (wow what a mouthful) was here for two years on a permanent residency (she is dutch)& was on the single parenting payment. You should even be eligible for the baby bonus. Give centrelink a call & see what they can do for you & good luck xo
I guess by now you will be enjoying lots of cuddles with your little girl.

I like Maisymouse's advice - just tell people that the father is not in the picture - they don't need to know anything more and might treat your daughter differently if they did know.

I would wait until your daughter is atleast in her late teens before telling her about her father as that is a huge thing for her to get her head around and if other people know it will be harder for you to keep this secret - other kids could find out and tease her about it.

Good luck.