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By Yummummy81
Hi I'm really well thank you. I ended up talking to the couple and I got told that it was a plan to make me pregnant since I always wanted another baby but thought I was getting too old lol. And they were going to be like aunty and uncle to the baby and help me out in anyway they could. But unfortunately over the Christmas break I had a miscarriage and lost the bub. Maybe it was a good sign. Thank you again for everything you said and your thoughts xxx.
By Mum22
Oh sweetie, mixed blessings indeed.
Perhaps your friends can talk to you before they have another "good idea" that costs you your peace of mind.
All the best to you, I hope and your little one are ok after this.
By mumof3b
Hi Yummummy81,

It is absolutely incredible that this couple sat down together and decided all by themselves to get you pregnant. That shows a lack of boundaries and disrespect for your right to decide whether you wanted a baby with them.

They decided to "help you out", that is absurd - the father would have been 50% responsible. I have no idea what is going on with these people, but they already have enough kids to feed and clothe. It is also mind boggling that they have kids and one wonders what their ages are. I certainly wouldn't want my developing child in a household where they come home with questions about these sorts of activities going on.

The guy really should stop breeding, and shows more about his need to breed than any concerns for you. 8 kids! and I'm sure all those kids emotional and physical needs are met my this guy. Some men should be castrated after they've "fathered" a certain number of children. If I were you I'd be getting tested for venereal diseases pronto.