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By SinglGent89
I'm studying counselling in Sydney city have a big heart that sometimes gets me into interesting situations I truly want to meet someone that I can raise a family with and grow old with, I don't consider a pregnant single woman any less valued than a single woman that hasn't got life growing inside of them so rest assured I think your equally beautiful :) have a sunny Sunday ladies, PM me if you feel led xx
Wish I was in Sydney ;) haha only joking!

How gorgeous. You could never feel more alone than when you're pregnant and abandoned... It's just not the way society has been created and feeling loved and protected couldn't be more valuable than during that time.

So long as your intentions are genuine, and you are one of those beautifully good men that you seem to be, I'm sure many women (pregnant and a mother or not) would be lucky to have you.

We are emotional messes at times during that time, and abandonment does leave scars, but with patience and love that trust comes and wounds can be healed... It just takes real love and understanding.

Peace and love xx
By SinglGent89
Aw I definitely am a gentle guy with good pure intentions indeed, you sound like a wonderful human being.. Come to Sydney for a coffee and we can share our crazy stories of life so far xx your friend Dom
By SinglGent89
heart and sentiment Hun Thankyou for the loving encouragement here's my number call me anytime darlin, I have struggled to connect with like minded people so blessed to have u now!! xx ‭0451 785 825‬
Thank you for the offer, but I say this in the nicest way possible, I'm the wrong girl.

I am what misogynistic lierature may refer to as "damaged goods".

I am happily single and focusing only on giving my children the very best upbringing possible on my own.

Many good men, not a man hater, just doing fine solo.

I'd only settle to get treated like a human being in the Courts, but aside from that, my children are by far better with their mother giving them 100% of her attention and love on them and working hard to make sure they're getting everything they're entitled to.

Many other women will love you if your genuine though. Me, I'm all good and have more than enough love already, and the men in my life are exactly the type I am proud my children look up to.

Thanks anyway xx Bless up!