Pregnant and on your own? We'd love to hear about it, and when you're due!
You can post in here to find other single and pregnant mums to share your journey with too! Or maybe even get some advice from those of us that have been-there, done-that!
By Lis080
Hi, I'm single and pregnant and looking to meet other women in my situation. I have recently moved from Qld back to Sydney for family support. My friends are either engaged/married without kids or single without kids so rather difficult at the moment. 8-)
By kimba
Hi there, I am single and pregnant as well. Currently living in Europe but not for long. Planning to move back home to be close to my family and friends. I'll be based in sydney as well. When are you due? I am crossing my fingers that all goes well with the pregnancy so can fly home just before the baby is due and give birth in Sydney.
By kell1445
hi, i am a seperated pregnant woman living on the sunshine coast. queensland.
my story is i was with my boyfriend for one year. we fell pregnant and got married on the 3 dec. on the 2 of jan my new husband decided that he could not handle my crazy pregnant hormones and said our marriage is over. he moved out 4 days later and we are not talking. we did meet up on sunday and we fought about him thinking he could just move into my spare room one week before the baby is born because he wants to be there for the baby but does not want to be with me... totally devastated. :cry:
By Lis080
Hi Kimba and kell1445,

So nice to hear from both of you :-)

Firstly Kimba, When do you plan to move back to Sydney and what area? Hopefully you'll be able to get back here in time so flying isn't an issue for you. I'm due 1st September so going through the whole pregnancy alone but seem to be ok with it all now. When are you due?

Kell1445, oh I am so so sorry to hear your story but you know what. I'm sorry you are going through so much at the moment. It's just not right and no he shouldn't be able to come back before baby is born. That's not fair on you at all. My ex partner who I've known 24yrs (since primary school) but only in a relatioship for a short time decided that a 25yr old italian model would be a much better choice than me. He only says that as I choose to keep this baby and he had no say, I'm on my own. He has been extremely nasty, especially when it comes to the new girl. His ex-wife which he has a 2yr old son to him does not know about my pregnancy, he won't tell her at all and has made it quite clear that while they are divorced that they are his family and our child and I are nothing. I have been told by doctors for many years that I could not have children so I'm looking at this as a miracle and a beautiful blessing. I feel your pain. Men are just rotten at times. Be strong, it will be worth it! :)
By Aroha
I'm new here but I'm so sorry to read your stories. Mine is a similiar and at this stage I'm hoping I'm not pregnant but if I am I will do the best for my baby, without the father.
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