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By Lanstar87
Hey there

How far along are you? Our situation sounds very similar I'd be happy to talk to someone in the same situation my email is if u wanna add me on msn or Facebook.

I too am alone n preg n the father wants nothing to do with child he's cut me off n it's so painful I feel the same like it's ok he can go on living his life like normal meanwhile I'm stuck alone in bed all day everyday...

I'm not coping at all
By honeyp
Hi, I am 25yrs old, single and nearly 7 weeks pregnant. I live in Perth and would love to meet other women in Perth in the same/similar situation. Or women who have been through a pregnancy alone before. :)
By Lanstar87
I'm 24, 5 months preg and single feel free to contact me my email is I'd love to talk to you so I don't feel alone either xx
By Dannielle
The days are up and down..the father keeps denying she is his. I have put his surname on my album etc on facebook and he sent abusive messages saying to take his surname off etc. Was carrying on we have never been together, never will be etc. He's back friends with the chick he was chasing when we met over two years ago. None of his family or friends know and i feel i'm carrying this secret around. I'm half way through my pregnancy now and just wish June will hurry up and then can get the dna etc all done so he leaves me alone. I'm scared sometimes about doing all of this alone and raising another child alone..but i only feel that way cause of how he is making me feel.

How are you going?
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