Pregnant and on your own? We'd love to hear about it, and when you're due!
You can post in here to find other single and pregnant mums to share your journey with too! Or maybe even get some advice from those of us that have been-there, done-that!
By User123
I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused as to why a 52 yr old man is a member of a single mother forum and why you're posting in the "single and pregnant" forum??

We don't come to this forum to hear things from a man's point of view, this is a place for WOMEN to support. There are plenty of forums out there for men if you want somewhere to complain about your ex.
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By Forum Administrator
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By Dannielle
HI LostButHappy

You are going to be fine doing this alone! I'm pregnant with my third and i get scared and fear doing this alone but everything happens for a reason and this little bubba has chose you. Don't worry about other people's looks or thoughts .. worry about you and your kiddies. If you can see a counsellor .. they are amazing and get you back on track and make you see what matters most and will help with the depression.

Have faith in are a strong woman!!
By LostButHappy
Well nearly 6 weeks now and im due on the 16th October. seems people havent been in here for a while hope that there are some people around to talk to its quite daunting at the moment.. feel utterly miserable have waves of saddnes and tears today is one of those days. Meh, makes u hate your life :( today sucks really it does just want to curl in a ball :(
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