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By Mummy Moderator
I hope you're feeling a little better now lost - I know it's so hard, but just try to visualise that little one you are growing inside of you - he/she will be your absolute saviour and make life a joy, and totally worth living - take my word for it!
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By ChloeKat84
Hey guys im single and pregnant and find it hard finding others in the same situation as myself. I think there needs to be more mdeia representation on being single and pregnant not necessarily by choice but because it was thrust upon them through different sitations. My situation is that i was seeing someone for a short time and accidently fell pregnant. From the start the guy wasnt supportive and wanted me to ge a an abortion. He says he tried to be there for me when i decided to go ahead with the pregnancy but didnt provide any emotional or physical support as i live in Gawler SA and he is in Whyalla so it was a long distance thing. He didnt believe the baby was his so basically stopped contact and i didnt want him to be apart of mine or the babies life but then he contacts me monthes later saying he had changed and wanted to try harder to provide for our family so i gave him another chance. Little did i know he was seeing someone else the same time he was telling me he missed me etc and wanted to be apart of a family so i told him thats it and its over for good and have not talked to him since. That was just over month ago and im now 6 monthes pregnant and due early August and planning on raising the child on my own. I do get lonely as i live alone with my son when i have him on weekends. He spends most of his time with his dad who takes him to kindy etc. Anyways thats my story, it makes me very frustrated, upset and depressed that im being put in this situation especially when family say i did this to myself. I dont have much support and already suffer from depression. Really wanting to talk to others in this situation and maybe catch up if there is any1 in adelaide. Anyways enough of my rambling. Take care girls xxxx
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By Forum Administrator
Hi ChloeKat84,

Welcome to the forum!
We have a Baby Care book for you (valued at $34.95) to help you with your up-coming baby, if you would like it! Just send me a Private Message (click on my name in green, and you will see the option to private message in my profile) with your postal details and we'll send it out to you :).
By ashleigh91
Hi all,
I'm new to this site and everything else that's going on at the moment. Haha my name is Ashleigh i'm 21 and i'm currently 7 weeks pregnant. My partner and I broke up a few weeks ago as out 2and a half year relationship wasn't working. Was hard to try and get over the break up but now i have just found out i am pregnant!
He is absolute shock which is completely understandable. However he has now turned around and said he will be supportive but he doesn't know what support means to him.
We live in different states he in NSW me in ViC so its extremely difficult.
I'm due in Feb next year, and i finish my nursing degree this year in October.
But how am i meant to work when i have a baby at home? I'm just extremely confused at the moment and would love some advice from people who have gone through similar or who know how i can make this work.
Look forward to hearing from you all
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