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By honig
... I just realised I said glass of wine twice.. no, I am not an alcoholic!
By iwishicould47
I feel for you. I really do. This is my first time one here. I joined because I need some support and when I was trying for my babies, I joined a fabulous site called Fertility Friends and made friends for life. It's so hard to manage my feelings. I cried today out of sight of my daughter (10) and son (7). They both had the shits over doing home work. The amount of energy they take up is making me tired all the time. We just don't laugh half as much any more. They go to their dad's once a fortnight. He has a new fiancée, two step kids and a baby on the way. He's 45 and I'm 47. It's so confusing for the children but today is the first day I have sat there and thought that I just cannot cope any more and maybe they would be happier at their dad's :'( Too may changes on the horizon and I just don't know how I'm going to cope. They talk about their feelings but wont say anything to their dad. They tell me they hate him and don't like going to stay with him but when they do they behave so good. I hope I can find some support on here. I definitely do not want another man! I hope you get the support you need (((hugs)))