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By movingon
Hi Everyone

I haven't been on here in awhile but I was just wanting to know how other mums feel about this subject and what they think I should do. My ex and I still experience a lot of conflict post separation, he is doing everything to make life more difficult than it already is at every opportunity. We are not on the same page about anything concerning the children which makes even the day to day parenting issues a nightmare to deal with. The children have internet use and ipods etc when they are at their fathers, they also have use of these things at my house. My ex has told me that he has now changed the kids passwords on their accounts that they use so that only he has that information and not me. I pointed out to him that the likes of etc are web based accounts and both parents should have access to all internet accounts and passwords held by children, they can't access these accounts when they are with me now because he has changed the passwords, what do other mums think? Thanks
By Mum22
Are your kids old enough to talk to about this, can they not change their passwords when with you? Or is dad trying to get up your nose by letting them do stuff that he knows you would not let them do, adn trying to keep it secret from you?
I'd talk about eh dangers of internet secrets etc to yr kids, and try to get an agreement that they change thier password or at least tell you what it is. OR complain to the email account ( eg hot mail) and get their accounts deleted!
Really depends on the ages of the kids.
By Thomidog
It depends who originally set these accounts up as to who has control of them. Whoever's email address is on the account information will be the one able to get in and reset the passwords. If your ex won't be nice about it then just set up separate accounts for all the stuff the kids like to do using your email instead. This of course will be really tedious for the kids to keep track of and they'll need to do a whole heap of things again to use these new accounts, like re-Friending everyone or building up their high scores again or whatever, but just explain to them that you don't have the passwords for their accounts so you can't help them. If the kids know the passwords but won't tell you, well you need to get them to tell you. Or no internet.