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By wench7
OMG where to start... had my kids birthday yesterday, and i was hoping it will be stress free.... well it wasnt...

I had arranged with ex to see her for an hour before the party started. Which i didnt even have to do as we now have an order in place saying he can only see her in a contact center. Well he decided he wasnt going to leave when the party started like he was supposed to... some of my guest were going to leave because he was still there. Birthday girl didnt even want to play with her friends cos he was there and all she wanted was him... in the end i had to ask him (very nicely) to leave because he made it very uncomfortable for everyone.

He did leave but took his sweet time about it... Now to make things worse, we are going back to court soon to hopefully finalise family court stuff... but my youngest bub needs to have surgery that week too.... so because there is the order in place i have to go back to my lawyer to ask if he is even allowed to attend at the hospital when she goes in.

I have had to lie to him and say i dont know when her surgery date is so i can ask questions first... i am just feeling soo stressed about this whole thing... bubs has been sick most of the year and this surgery will be number 2 in six months... i dont really want to worry bout what the ex is up to at the same time as being with her through this scary time...

It just seems too much to handle right now!!
By Mum22
That is a lot to handle all at once. You did what you thought was a nice thing for him, and unfortunately he abused your niceness and stayed longer than he out to have. next year, if you want to invite him over, - AFTER the party - or on another day, is going to work better for you.
A child in surgery is a stressful occasion, so I would also seek advice about shat to do, court should wait, your child's health is paramount/. I hope it goes well for her, adn for you. I wish for you both successful surgery, and a good court outceom.