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By staceylee
I have just discovered my 5 year old has a very large abscess on his upper gum its about the size of a marble, he's not complaining about pain too much, I've given him pain stop to help him sleep tonight before I can get him to the emergency room in the morning. Has anyone else had this experience with their children before? What exactly happens as treatment? I'm extremely stressed and worried about it I'm completely on my own and don't have a license to get him to a children's emergency dentist an hour away. If its relavent he has been having his molars trying to come through for the past month. Hank you so much in advance
By staceylee
I did get to emergency the doctor in there said it could be gingivitis caused by molars coming in but wants me to get a second opinion which I am on Thursday. Until then he gave my son antibiotics and said I'm to use pain stop for pain relief. My son is still very swollen and the lump seems to have got darker in colour