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By Tahsgirl28
Medical assistance needed- my 8 year old requires a referral to a paediatrician for speech problem. We live in Brisbane Qld. I started calling private clinics today and many told me they are not accepting new cases. I am hoping someone here can help. My daughter has been falling behind at school and her teacher thinks it is because she doesn't make sounds properly that she then can not spell properly. The teacher and I are implementing home study to improve things but she suggested if possible to pay for a private assessment before school next year so that we could have the paperwork to link to the free public services. I was trying to get this done as soon as possible as she is badly falling behind in her schooling and I'm afraid she won't catch up. Can anyone offer any advice on paediatricians they know are taking patients now with issues like ours?
By Mum22
I would suggest that if you go to your GP to get a referral to a Paed, state that all you need is one visit for a check-up/diagnosis and flow on referral to a speech therapist.

She is only 8 yrs old, she has time to catch up, but it is good that you are acting now to seek assistance for her.

If she is at a State school, surely they would have resources to refer her to appropriate assistance?

Also check at Centrelink, see if they can advise you.
By Tahsgirl28
Thanks. We did get a GP referral - he just gave us a list of paediatrician to try and get an appointment.

The school has ongoing speech resources but have recommended if possible to speed up the process by getting a private diagnosis to provide access to them. Her teacher and I both have over 60 years combined experience in working with children and we can't put our finger on the exact problem as she doesn't quite fit dyslexia or ASD etc but something is impending her learning. She can read but not spell properly nor seem to retain spelling words and she has trouble writing. When asked she gives a couple of sentences but no more.

Hoping for better luck tomorrow with call back from one specialist.
By Mum22
how frustrating for you, and I suppose all the god ones will be away for xmas hols anyway! Best of luck with this issue, let us know how you get on.
By cate808
OP, how did you go getting an appointment? I know just how frustrating it can be.. theres long wait lists in the public system ( a year it took to get an appointment for my middle son )

Privately,often the really good peads are full like you say, and won't see new patients.

Maybe you could try googling peads all over Brisbane and ring them and see who may have the earliest appointment.
The fee is substantial ( $300 ) but most of that is medicare funded. If you are seriously struggling, theres no shame in approaching a charity for help like Salvation Army.. Let us know how you get on.