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By Feral007
I think you'd be very lucky to get anything organised before school next year.
Locally I would advise people to phone their Child and Family Health Nurse at the community health centre. They can often give you a list of names of Paeds in the area, altho can not recommend anyone in particular.

They might be able to help you sort out some testing to start with as well.
As a mother and a nurse, and having had kids with some learning difficulties, I would always recommend seeing a Behavioural Optometrist, and also getting the child's hearing checked (ENT) since those two things are relatively easy to get sorted, and there are a lot of kids with those issues.

The paed will really be looking at sending you for other testing/specialties, so it might be a while to get anything official.
By cate808
Feral007, its a great point you raise, hearing problems like glue ear, if theres no infection, is really hard to pick up on in young children. My 4 yr old had severe conductive hearing loss and we had no idea :o I had taken him to a pead as his development was delayed in all areas not just speech.
The paed suspected ASD on the second visit, and recommended testing with a neuro pychologist turns out he was right. Good luck OP, hope you get to the bottom of this problem
By Single1
Take her to an ENT ( Ear nose and throat specialist), when one of my girls was in prep her teacher noticed that her speech was changing and words she knew she couldn't sound out anymore. She thought she was saying and sounding them correctly. I noticed in the coming weeks getting worse. We saw the ENT and she ended up needing Grommits in her ears as her inner ear was full of fluid.
She was instantly fixed and she noticed it her self that she could hear properly. Just a thought. Good luck
By Feral007
Should just mention too, a friend has a child with quite a bad hearing loss (glue ear atm) and the cause seems to be a wheat allergy. His hearing has improved out of sight since he's off wheat. Just something to keep in mind. Things are often tied together in these cases. You have to find the cause, whatever it is, to get good long term results.