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By Puchilin
I am at my wits end when it comes to receiving daily
SMSs from my ex-partner we have been separated for
now 1 and a half years for the last 4 months every
Single evening without fail I get asked the same
Question " How are my girls?" How are my one and only?
How are my daughters? How are my girls? Am I obliged to every
single night reply ???? Is he doing this because he
Really genuinely cares about as he calls them his girls? Or is it
His own insecurity and neediness to know?
One girl is 5 in April and the other is 3.
Or is it just to annoy me? I can't deal with him much longer
am really beyond over it ..... Does anyone else
Have expartners who do this?
By Mum22
Have you tried NOT replying? Ignore the texts - Geez - the girls are too young to read the texts so clearly they are aimed at you - unless you have Family Court Orders compelling you to respond to his texts then NO you do not have to read or reply to them.
If you feel the need, text" same as yesterday" or some such nonsense - he might get the message that he is being a pr!ck. You do not have to put up with this any more.

I suffered an ex who would telephone me at 3am every Fri & Sat night - after he had come home from the pub all drunk. The baby was a light sleeper, and I was lucky to get 4 hours of unbroken sleep at that time. When I took the phone off the hook - my parents would fret if they called Sunday morning so I was in a bind. I told them - and we solved the issue by me calling them when I got up on Sunday, all refreshed after a nights sleep with only 1 breastfeeding wake up all over night!
The ex got the message - eventually - that I was not going to answer to him overnight - and that he would have to wait for his Court Ordered contact visits to occur.
Perhaps you can tell him to limit texts to say, 3 times a week - wean him off in time. Persevere.